David. #3

by Nil   Aug 18, 2017

I find it funny and kind of ironic
That you'd have the perfect
Words to type about anything
While I sit here just trying

Trying to somehow
Portray just who you were
You always knew what to say
To calm my mind and heart

Amist the chaos
You were a source of clarity
A gentle man and a giant
Your arms around me

Soft eyes, disguising demons
Tender lips, memories reminiscence
Moments frozen-
Snowflakes as we kiss

My other half, a friend of many
Holding many regrets
And pain, hiding it with a cloak of confidence
An echo of how you'd pretend

Underneath it all though,
Past the sorrow and hurt
The man I loved waited
To hold me once more

I never got the chance
To meet your lips with mine
My love will have to wait
Until the end of my time


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