The kind choice, however cruel

by Nil   Dec 18, 2022

fifth on my list
the look in your eyes begged for help
as if you knew you didn't have
much time left

you meet me in a strange room
putting your head in my lap
when your eyes met mine
I know it was meant

meant to be
you were meant to be mine
and I was meant-
to be yours

we've overcome so much
without one another
I don't know if we could

the last thing I want
is for you to suffer
but how do I come to terms
with losing you
your trust in me
puts me at peace
but I can't help but think
I'm being selfish

Everyday you stay with me
is a day you could no longer
be in pain
Those thoughts weigh so heavy on me

you've been my constant companion
for 14 years
how am I supposed to go on
without you

I love you so much Gunnison


The day came and went
I went in and without you I left
You didn't go alone though
I was right by your side
The last gift I could give you
Was comfort, one last time
Considering all you've given
It is the least I could do
Rest now, my sweet old man
You'll always be loved
No matter how far, or how many
worlds apart
we are.


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