Perfect Guy

by Jenny Paradise   Aug 18, 2017

For as long as she can remember,
she's been mistreated,
Always been insecure about herself,
Never once conceited,

She's had her heart broken before,
Never really understood why,
She wondered every single day,
If she'd ever find the perfect guy,

Perhaps if she'd stop searching,
One day he'd miraculously appear,
And maybe once in her life,
She'd never have another fear,

After a while she finally gave up,
She just didn't know what to do,
Thought she'd be alone forever,
But that was until she met you,

She fell for you hard,
She fell for you fast,
She found the perfect guy,
And prayed for it to last,

As time went on she was happy,
Always a smile on her face,
There's nothing more she wanted,
Than your warm gentle embrace,

She was super ecstatic,
Heart filled with joy,
Until the day she found out,
You were playing her like a toy,

She tried to talk things out,
But you didn't wanna listen,
You blamed her for it all,
While tears in her eyes glistened,

And all because she loved you,
She tried to make things work,
She wanted that perfect guy back,
But all she got was hurt,

You broke her down completely,
You made her feel so low,
That gaping hole in her heart,
To you she'd never show,

Cause despite the horrible things,
You did to her self esteem,
She tried to be happy,
Cause you two were a team,

But one day when she awoke,
She realized one thing that's true,
You're not the perfect guy,
And you will no longer do,

She knows what she's worth,
And you're not worth her time,
She deserves the perfect guy,
Not heartless filthy grime,

So when you see her with a new guy ,
And she's smiling from ear to ear,
Remember that could have been you,
But you let her perfect guy disappear.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 months ago

    by Lucifer

    there is always a story in your poems and more importantly a message.
    And it doesn't matter how long they are the reader never feel disconnected, because there is such a nice flow in them; plus they always rhyme perfectly.

  • 10 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed how you told the story here, Jenny. This was rhymed very well. Great write.

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