Amish Love Letter:

by Scott Cole   Aug 23, 2017

Since technology is frowned upon
There's no computers or laptops,
So everything is written by hand
Under candle flames on desktops.

Where letters dear to the heart
Always get their start,
With graphite words of steel
To a loved one or sweetheart.

Where raw emotions do run free
Across empty pages of paper,
As words are slowly jotted down
With a wooden stick topped with eraser.

Where the olden days still rule
So the new age has no say,
For paper has always delivered
So it's always been the Amish way.

Where feelings are only concealed
In a neatly folded parcel pack,
That's then approved by wet tongues
To go through the mail on horseback.

For I'm sending you an Amish love letter
And it might take a day or two,
But the minute that you get it
You'll find out how much I love you.


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  • 11 months ago

    by mossgirl19

    Wow, loved how you weaved this thru the idea of love letters written by hand. Sweet and your rhyming here is wonderful, flowed well.