Rhymes of a Rebel

by Owner of an Untamed Heart   Aug 28, 2017

I'm tired of the same old songs
Same old roads, same old wrongs
Same old fights, same old noises
Same old choices, same old voices,
I'm sick of the average heart
The average sex that only happens in the dark
The average fire, average places
Average faces in average cages

I'm tired of the same old clothes
Same old rules, same old shows
Same old rights, same old walls
Same old flaws, same old calls,
I'm sick of the average story
The average man who does nothing for me
The average love, the average life
The average sight in the blackest of nights

I'm familiar with my disease
I'm a prude, I'm a tease
I'm insane, I'm too proud
But I'm not loud in the midst of the crowd,
I know someone somewhere
Is as damaged as me and doesn't care
Together we'll be strong, we'll be weak
Unafraid to living like freaks

I was deemed strange by some
And a weirdo by many,
But there's no need to fix me,
I'm just fine with who I am,
I know my thoughts are odd
And my words are crazy,
But there's no need to save me,
I'm just looking for someone who understands


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