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by Owner of an Untamed Heart   Aug 28, 2017

They say time heals wounds but it's been two years and they're still brand new,
The sweat starts forming, butterfly wings flutter, and I get a little blue,
Emotions on the shelf, the memories don't help, and no one even has a clue,
That I've been patient, waiting, contemplating on the next time I'll see you

Cause I've been dying to explain my mistakes,
I assume you probably don't even feel the same,
But I've been unsuccessfully trying to forget,
All the mess I created because I was selfish and didn't know what love meant

Your innocence, your strength was just too much on my ego,
I'm used to being right all the time while everyone goes with my flow,
Too weak, too rough, not enough, too rushed, and then too slow,
How could I let you walk away when you're the best part of me? Maybe we'll never know

Seeing you now makes my heart beat loud and I don't know what to do,
In the middle of the crowd, you reach your hand out, with a face that looks amused,
I know you remember all the feelings between us and everything I put you through,
You can tell I'm nervous, that my mind is working, and you simply say, 'I've missed you'

And I stare into those eyes that used to light me inside
Just to whisper, 'I've missed you, too'


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  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Awww...bittersweet. You have told it beautifully, and it's heart-breaking.

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