by Justen Smith   Sep 4, 2017

Before I post this, I wrote this in response to a poem that a femenist friend posted that had everyline end in words rhyming with less and preceeded to slam men as awful farthers with no mention to the equal number of bad mothers. The comments on the poem where spiteful ill thought out and uncomplementary to any who agreed with their starts positive and flips.

I call this venomous....

Welcome to 2017

Earths people are fearless
Single dads show kindness
Single mums steer us,
Our parents complete us,
Many of our youth show focus...
But f**k you femenists,
With your man hate,
With society shredding,
Made up facts,
And soul crushing complaining,
You had a good cause,
100 years ago,
Woman could not vote,
And now their voices are heard,
Woman had no power,
And now they are Ceos,
Bosses and managers and cfos,
But f**k you femenists,
Youve poluted the feeling,
All that hard work,
And you've muted the meaning,
So yeah we are a society of things that rhyme with less and ness,
But the biggest of all...,
Our femenists are venemous..


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  • 11 months ago

    by Brenda

    I understand why you wrote this, in response to your friends poem. Not all feminist are man hating evil woman. I like to think I'm a feminist, happily married, hard working at both home and the workplace. I've been paid less for the same work as my male counterpart, objectified, and talked down to even though I was more than qualified to answer the questions. So please keep an open mind...btw femenists is spelled feminist.

    • 11 months ago

      by Justen Smith

      My bad on the spelling, I completely agree that not all feminists are like the above, personally if I found out that a woman in the same job as me got paid less then I would insist that I too was paid less. I'm all for equality of both and superiority of neither. The problem is the third wave almost want to make men look bad as punishment for the past in ignorance of everything they have sacrificed for the life we have today...why can't we all just get along.