My Town (Oghara)

by marvellous efe   Sep 13, 2017

My town is blue,
Filled with much fantasy,
And each and every venue
is endowed with a high natural supremacy.
Unity is our name,
though we fall but stand
to our very fame,
for there's greatness in this land.

My town i love to praise,
My people i love to cheer,
For this is how we've been raised
to be a friendly friend with every peer.
We prove our rights and rule the waves,
Guided and empowered with wisdom of the
Turning the world around
by making a change deep down.
Often i think of this beautiful town,
Clothed with exciting cultures that blows the
Really, heavens smiles at us down,
That single one of a kind.

My town is my town
whether it makes me frown
or it turns me brown,
i'll always remember i came from here,
My goodness i'll still share,
and i've made it sound and clear.
I will pray for my town,
even when men sits with an undeserved crown,
cos am very optimistic it will get better,
But if only we pray and stick together.

My town is light
like the ray of the sun
ever brightened at night
even in our darkest time, we still have fun

My town is renown
from the east to west, north to south, ups and
Placed in a big heart that have been blessed with
bounteous treasures
Padlock with love in extreme measures,
Am happy living in this golden era
in a beautiful and lovely town called Oghara.

The End!

© 02~06~2014


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