Judgement Day

by Diablosangel87   Sep 22, 2017

Come Judgment Day I know you went the other way I'll give the Angels back their wings and their other broken things because you don't know what I do I did even go to hell for you because love sees with the heart and thinks with the soul and Grows greater is it is giving away I'd wait an eternity to see your smile touch your lips with mine you don't know how it feels then and now knowing you're not real wings of light give me hope and Halo so pure and good give me a strength to know you'll be waiting for me I pray to the heavens above and the Lord within you'll say you'll stay come Judgment Day


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  • 9 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    I loved this piece which I think would benefit from being split into stanzas (verses) but never the less even in this layout it is a really great poem. Although in the sadness death category it carrys a strong message of how love conquers all and the hope for eternal love. Milly x

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