I hope we can fall under the sun and hide in its shade

by pmmurphy   Sep 22, 2017

if I sank under a afternoon star
it would be a September sun
where my birth only shows
that even a Virgo can feel the atmosphere

wishing the watch on my hand
could prepare me for today
she stays put    frozen at 12:00
where I was more European
ticking  ticking past 1300
our time-zones didn't exactly match

that was when    December leaves fell in June
because we want that ecstasy to thrill us

September suns    tend to shine too bright
because at this point          months in correct order don't matter
wishing her touch could scrape my skin
and hope she breathes my blood red
because I feel incomplete without her warmth

loving the fabricated time we made
the hours    minutes    seconds
transpire into this friendly month riddled week
where I took her hand and realized
only chaos has come from this

it's in theory    that I too love a little distraction
where Regina is just the name of my ex
but I love the letter R


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