A Secret

by marvellous efe   Sep 25, 2017

The Secret by

I want to tell you a secret,
And you have to believe it,
And promise me you'll tell no one
Not even at a point of a gun.

Would like to hear it?
Should i say it?

Well, i met an Angel last night,
She was so petty with a face as bright as the light.
Encrested on her wings were diamonds and gold,
With a charming eyes that loves and a arms that holds.

Her cute smile can make sunny a night,
Her frown can bring the moon to daylight.
But Angels don't frown
Fear not; she's a one with a good crown.

Her beauty is so rare
Not even God knows she's here,
And he must not know
Because he might decide to take her home.

Look! She's there,
There, somewhere
Let her find you
And take you from the dark to a whole life new.

Remember, it's a secret, Please tell no one, just keep it to yourself,
Just like i won't tell anyone and I'm keeping it to myself.


©25/09/2017 by Finex jemi/M.E


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