Mistakes Not Lessons

by Justen Smith   Oct 5, 2017

Everyone will tell you,
It was not a mistake,
'Twas a covert lesson,
In truth this is not fact,
maybe on the first occasion,
That is the solid truth,
But brace yourself,
As a mistake repeated,
Is truly wasteful,
To repeat an action,
and expect a difference,
Is the very definition,
Of unadulterated insanity,
I have cheated,
Worse; I have lied,
Taking what was not mine,
With weak justification,
Laying blame at the feet of fate,
Afraid to embrace a destiny,
In truth they where not lessons,
Instead weakness incarnate,
Sitting my desire up high,
Above what is really important,
Through it all,
There was one lesson,
It is no way to live,
Burning bridges,
Breaking bonds,
After what seems like eons,
In all of my mistakes,
My misguided actions,
I learned of my biggest error,
Every mistake is in truth,
A lesson in a cover,
For so long I failed to see,
Now my eyes have opened,
Not every failed action,
Is a total lesson,
But combined I have learned,
That it is better to build,
Than see broken,
It is far better to unite,
Than from society; segregate.


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