Pages From a Journal: Part 2

by pmmurphy   Nov 10, 2017

If I had a candle every-time I lit a fire, I would definitely never run out of candles. I guess this says the same as to my thoughts on getting out there. Its almost as if, the process of liting a candle is hard enough, even though, its right infront of my face and as simple as lifting a finger.
She struck me in flames and sigh, with the effects of the smoke, I drown in a evening thought. Its not long until i realize that the smog that clouds my brain is her tampered flame. The candle outreaches parts of me and drifts in the clogged up woods. Not long from now, I find myself squatting in the bushes trying to hide from incoming poachers. I am now the animal.
Worth a fortune my head could be found, but, I'm not a fable written to pass nor am I legend. Some consider me more of a bear, yea thats right, a big giant bear. I hope these claws are fearsome because one day I'll swat at that bee hive and drench out all the honey.
There are only so many superlatives I can say because i realize four letter words are naive. I still say them though, they entertain me. Let the day come by as my life is more than mere antics and poached ideas and copyrighted thoughts. I've been crafting my verse poem after poem and right now, I think this muse is cracking the surface.


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