Alone together

by Professor Leskinen   Jan 2, 2018

Alone, in a cloudy winter night
I seek protection from the storm that will soon hit
I ring my house's doorbell
Yet noone answers

I look for another place to stay the night
My friends all seem to be away
The strangers ignore my very presence in the streets
As if I'm a sick animal, not better than dead

Noone hears me
Noone sees me
Noone cares
Noone wants to understand

And yet

I see one person
She sees me aswell
The hurt that hurt me once, the girl that i hurt once
What is she doing out in the cold?

She's shaking, freezing
-Could it be, that she has been out here longer than i have?-
I try hugging her, to warm her body
But she's still cold

I give her my scarf that covered my neck
I give her my gloves that protected my hands
I share with her my hopes of a sunny day
And now her body seems to warm mine, back

I don't care about the storm and the rain
They might hurt me, still, I'll always stand up
If i don't, how will i carry her with me?
How will she survive, knowing that someone stronger than her did not?

I'll warm her up
She'll warm me up
Until we both have a torch inside of us again
Until we both are forever safe from the storm


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Karen Montegrande

    nice job on this one! :)

  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Beautiful use of metaphor and a testament to strength through the power of love. If we can meet that one special person, we can weather any storm.

    A warm welcome to the site,


    • 1 year ago

      by Professor Leskinen

      There is also a darker metaphor for depression and suicide on the first half. The absent family and friends symbolize their inability of helping the depressed person, seeking shelter from the cold. The girl that nearly froze to death was suicidal, and the clothes offered to her is the hope that kept her going. And so, the depressed couple can no longer lose to the depression, because not only does one support another, but one of them dying means the sure death of the other, aswell. It's bittersweet in its own way, i believe

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