My dilemma (1)

by Professor Leskinen   Jan 2, 2018

Living alone in this cave
The freezing cold doesn't hurt me, it's dark yet i see
I have been standing in front if the abyss for what seems as an eternity

I ask: "what is warmth? What is light? What's a friend?"
A crow answers: "Distant memories, that i thought you have forgotten"
I trust the crow, it has never lied or hurt me
I keep gazing

One day, a crack opened in my walls
I felt warmth, saw light, heard voices
In my excitement, i rush outside
Leaving the crow behind

There is a garden outside -why didn't i see it before?-
I try picking up a rose
A spike hurt my fingers, a kid saw me and laughed

And then, the sun came out of the cloud it was hiding in
The heat is too great, I'm burning
The light is too great, I'm blinded
The laughter is too loud, laughing at me

The pain is too great

I hurry back into my cave
But now, the cold hurts, the dark won't let me see
I trip on something. It's my emotions, long broken
I forgot the how and when, it's been a while since they broke

The abyss is staring right at me
I try staring back, and that's when i notice
The rose i picked up is still on my hand
As much as it hurts, i can't let it off

Should i throw it in the abyss? I'll give up on the garden and keep staring
Should i plant it back outside? What if i fall in the dark on my way back?
Should i trust the rose? Should i trust the crow?
What is this feeling of déjà vu?


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