Little Mary's bubble

by Professor Leskinen   Jan 3, 2018

Humans float inside their bubbles
The stuff they like, they put them in!
But what they don't, they leave outside
They look at them through the bubble, distorted

But life itself has many spikes
Their pointy edge can pierce the bubble!
And sometimes, some bubbles will pop
And humans fall, and see their beloved things breaking

Little Mary once got stabbed
Her bubble's colour shifted from pink to deep blue!
She couldn't bear the change and popped her bubble
She fell on spikes and met a sad end

But little Mary didn't know
Her bubble popping made other people's bubbles blue!
And they continued to share the pain
More and more sadness to bear!

But little Mary didn't know
Reality was even worse!
She only saw a small part of the pain
And couldn't bear it

But little Mary didn't know
That she herself could change the world!
-She didn't have someone to help her-
And so she couldn't bear the pain

But little Mary didn't know
That she could protect others from the pain!
There would be a kid who'd need her
But she didn't think before acting

And I'm that kid that needed help
But i never met my Mary
Yet i chose not to end my pain
I chose to make the world a better place.

Because I know


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