I hate the world because

by Rei Severs   Jan 22, 2018

I hate the world because they took my legs, or rather this sickness did,
Hatred filters through even more, because the world took away my words.
My balance is gone, and so is some sight, my concentration is nullified.

I hate the world because it doesn't understand what it is like, living each day but hoping to die,
I hate the world even more for looking at me with pity or assuming I am lazy due to fatigue.

I hate the world because every day is imbalance, lack of energy and pain,
...So much pain..
What is it like to be healthy? I'll never know because I never have been,
And I hate the world because health is taken for granted, so often so my ill health is ignored.

In fact I hate the world for its ignorance, the cold shoulder when it sees I am less able,
Not unable. Just less so. But for that I am treated like the diseased. Or my problems are ignored.

I hate the world because it moves too fast for me, and it will never slow down.
Am I selfish for requesting a few moments longer...to cross a road..to eat my food..to have a drink.speak..or to just rest?

I am tired, irritated, and it just isn't fair,
I am sick in the head, literally, as my brain slowly scars and eventually my body wanes.

I hate the world today, and always will,
I am parylyzed, ignored and ill,
I cannot be healthy, no matter how hard I try,
I'll hate you world, until I finally die.

****This is a vent poem about living with Multiple Sclerosis. There comes a time where the grief is strong, and the stress gets to me. I cannot cure myself. There is no cure. There are so many emotions cycling, and I feel changes that can never be fixed. Living each day is difficult, knowing that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for me. And thus..my resentment for a world that judges me as healthy when I am certainly not. ****


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  • 11 months ago

    by Scott Cole

    This is such a sad poem, we all have things that hold us back we just need to try and deal with them the best we can not let them destroy us....take care