by Rei Severs   Jan 23, 2018

So, you say you hate me,
Do I really care?
I could fathom some hatred back,
If feelings were ever there.

I Don't give two hoots about you, your existence is mundane,
You think you are so hardcore, but really you're fairly tame,
Mock me all you like, it is me who has the last laugh,
It's interesting seeing your insecurities under that cracking mask.

You waste so much of your time, thinking about me clearly,
But you seem to not get, that I take your taunts so dearly,
For you to waste your breath, on someone who disallows you to fog their mind,
Is evident of how much you eat away your precious time.

Let us put it simple, you invest so much effort into someone who just won't care,
You try to make a presence, but you may as well not be there,
Fools like you are laughable, thinking they are biting at an outer shell,
But go ahead and think of me, you prove your fondness well.

My hater, my foe, my secret fan..thank you


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