Things will be Different

by IzL   Feb 12, 2018

Things will be different he said in tears as he put down the bottle of vodka.
Snot running down his nose.
Big tears running down his cheeks.
The awful smell....
His head dug into my chest as I stared
at my left ring finger where my 1.5 diamond ring stood.
Just a few days of being a fiancee
So many thoughts running through my head
"Was this the first relapse"
"What happened to the tools I thought he was using?"
" Is the thought of marrying me stressing him out"
"Why did this happen"
" Why didn't he call me?"
"Is alcohol the only thing he used...?"

All the trust I had in him,
All the strength I thought he had,
Dwindled within me...
All of the security he made me feel vanished.
All he had to do was tell me,
but he chose to lie.
How could we be?
his problem never brought up- him letting it by
as I fell in love with...
Who am I in love with?

That was the first night I found out my then fiancee was an alcoholic


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