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Hello there! Izl is just three letters that look awesome together so I have kept them.
I enjoy reading poetry. I like to write as well, you will find that my work is below average, but I like it and so here I am.


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  • The Demon (1) 1

    I wanted you and only you
    But again and again you have shown me your truth...

  • I see him here,
    Blonde hair and green/blue eyes...

  • The fire I felt is dying out.
    You're addiction is winning all the space in your...

  • Things will be different he said in tears as he...
    Snot running down his nose...

  • He saw the stars across space
    when he shook my mothers hand...

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  • No longer do your pretty words pierce my heart.

    4 months ago
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  • Life is sometimes like a doughnut, Its like a circle and here and there we get a few sprinkles.

    10 years ago
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