A Pessimists Controversy

by julian   Feb 18, 2018

With global warming upon the horizon
With honourable people
Sending bullets flyin'
How can you say that the world is fine? Can you really say it'll be alright?
If ignorance is bliss
Than I'd rather be down
Upon the ground
With the the most bonechilling of sound, ringing in my ears, nothing to fear if you're willing to be ignorant

With wars upon the horizon
With soldiers dyin'
Are you still gonna say the world is fine? Can you really say you'll be alright? Well let's take the fight, the to greedy guys, ordering death, from behind their desk, can you still say the world's gonna be alright?

With death of a loved one inevitable,
Can you really see the sky is full?
With drones and planes,
Must we really stay?
With a world like this with so much at stake, why can we not wake,
Up to ourselves and see, the pain we are causing thee, to friends and family
Can you still say that the world is fine?


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  • 9 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    A thought provoking piece that tells too many truths about how bad the world is becoming. I wonder how many people over generations of wars have wondered entirely the same thing. Best wishes Millyx