by A.J.P.   Mar 11, 2018

Before you were cold.

We had a place to call home.

A place to grow older.

A place that we owned.

What happened to the good times.

Were they lost in the lies.

The day that our hearts died.

The day my brothers cried.

So let me put this in play.

As I was lying there awake.

You had no words to say.

You had no strength to stay.

As I looked out the window.

You were walking away.

I waved a high goodbye.

I weaved a thousand lies.

I told myself you loved me.

To this day I still do.

What was family to you?

What did the damage do?

I can show you our pieces.

Shattered across the ground.

Will you help fix what you broke?

Will you revise what you wrote?

Now the chapter is ending.

I still don’t see you around.

The next time I meet you.

You’ll be six feet down.


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