I’m scared too

by Beautiful Tragedy   Sep 15, 2018

I wish I could hug you;
And heal your heart while I’m doing it.
And I wish I could swipe the hair on your forehead aside a little and
kiss it to mend the broken parts of your soul that nobody else ever gave enough of themselves of
in order to put it back together-
Not seeing the broken pieces as broken pieces themselves but rather cracks for them to pour their love into like I do.
And I wish I could whisper to you every day that everything is going to be okay and let you use those words and my heart as your rock to survive another day until eventually-
you’re not just surviving anymore but living and actually enjoying life.
And I wish that I could help calm your fears a little more everyday
with each holding of our hands and brush of my head on your shoulder;
While you hit your vape and look up at whatever happens to be above us at those very moments in time-
And I would travel the universe and beyond just to watch you genuinely laugh with a little less hurt in it as each hour passes us by.
And I want to.
I want to do every single one of these things as each piece of my own soul yearns to help you heal yours as you heal mine;
But I’m hurting just as bad as you are and that makes me scared too.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    This seems such a piece that relates to a Mother speaking to her child or a person speaking to someone they love dearly. Sometimes we can love so much and yet it isn't enough to take the fear away. A lovely heartfelt piece. Milly x

  • 7 months ago

    by Ya----Na

    One shouldn't be scared after writing such a beautiful poem. BT once again I am touched by your words. I wish the gal whom I love could understand the pain I am going through in her absence.

    • 7 months ago

      by Beautiful Tragedy

      Awe<3 Thank you for your kind words, I’m sure she misses you too.

  • 7 months ago

    by Joseph Kerr

    What a truly heartfelt and beautifully flowing piece of work.

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