Why The Leaves Fall:(2)

by Scott Cole   Oct 22, 2018

There were days back in her prime
When better times embraced her kind,
With healthy juices coursing her veins
And blessed her Soul with fruitful gains.

Long ago when all was appealing
Before her grieving was ever revealing.
When her greatness graced the land
And her presence was in hand.

When her beauty was in full bloom
And casted shadows with no gloom,
When prosperity was in her favor
And her vitality was not labored.

But that was then and this is now
And since those days things went afoul,
Her grand disposition no longer displays
For she's been ravished with decay.

These days she's still standing tall
Been beaten down but still want fall,
For she's hard headed with thick skin
And she's not about to give in.

Even though she's not up to par
She sheds all her aging scars,
One by one they're all set free
That lone withdraw from her disease.


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