Em (Prompt)

by - Mr. Darcy   Nov 5, 2018

Each morning she awoke
Wanting this day, another day
to be the one.

And in many ways, it was.

Days of long before had burdened her with:

- shouty voices
- stinging slaps
- purple bruises
- restless naps

Love was always out of reach.
playing a cruel, hide and seek.

Men they come in different sizes
Brutish and cute-ish with
Different disguises.

- a hat
- a cap
- a beard
- a mac

Why did they go and not come back?

But now, this day the sun and moon
Shine down on, Em
Her prayer comes soon.

Hear those hooves
Clip clop on yonder
Hark, she says
Who's that, I wonder...

Glinting in the morning sun
A silhouette of radiant light
Her heart knows and so it runs
Towards her love, her gallant knight.

Now every day come rain or shine
Em's heart is whole
On love it dines.


- Mr. Darcy
© 2018


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