by donk2ymouth   Dec 6, 2018

but only for the moment of time that you are scheduled to think outside the box on any parallelograms you might draw or design inside the interior investigator of your uncle sam infestested, nicely decorated mind -
would you find yourself lacking the chains that confined your prior desire from the start that knew this new, new-fangled, obtuse angled, forwards-backwards-forward thinking, toward titanic's gigantic galactic iceberg of a sinking winking you and I and I and me, and you and he that's 5 not three -
of us -
into liquidation - with no trepidation
from the man, of age
or the manage of? the manage, er - er manager, whom without name him-
or her, he or she
who-in states their [claim] demand of sale, without fail - all must go! all today
entirely out of this, our, your, existence in less than the persistence of a minute or minutiae -
The minor me, less wiser [please] has found h/er/imself locked out of normal socie-tay on [mil]father's day - oh why oh why - I cannot say - that incident - may have - changed - my life - to this -that- -what?- -this- to- day

a friendly reminder
to remember your gender
and not your


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