Never be mine

by Spanish Star   Mar 15, 2019

Lying here thinking
All Alone in my bed
Going over in my mind
All the things that you said

Dreaming of you
Wishing you were here
Lying close to me
And just beeing near

I really do wish
That i didn’t miss you so much
Dreaming of your kiss
And longing for your touch

You are not mine
And you will never ever bee
Even though i dream of you
And wish that you where free

A few stolen moments
Is all we will ever get
I will never own you heart
At least i dont do yet

I am never like this
So what has happened this time
To make me feel things
I never cross that line

Cause i am so afraid
To show how i feel
Because im not used to this
Is thing between us real?

I really dont know
What to do with these emotions
At least i dont know
Until you confess your devotion

If it was only us two
Without any restrictions
I might just one day
Admit my affections

That I am falling for you
But we can never be together
So I have to say goodbye
All though I wish we were forever


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