Just say the word

by Spanish Star   Apr 9, 2019

My life is joyfull
& so you say is yours
So why did we have to
Open up those doors

What really happened
That made us pursue
Something that can’t last
It’s not something I usually do

I guess I just like you
More then I should
Tried to stop those feelings
But there was no way I could

So what should we do
About this thing we started up
Should we see what it is
Or should we just stop

I know we will hurt people
If there was to be forever us two
But I dont wanna loose you
I just dont wanna let go

You woke feelings in me
You really made me fell
I never really expected this
You got my heart under a spell

So what is it that you want
It’s your corner that has the ball
I leave it up to you now
That’s how hard for you I did fall

I really want to be with you
This has been so absurd
I could be your girl forever
If you just say the word...


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