Seperate and undetermined destinies

by August   Sep 26, 2004

What is a knife
But an escape from bitter endings
A plunge into empty space is not a fall from grace
Sweet release from a predetermined journey
Is what has brought me to this place

I stand here before
The judges of time
The case before society opens at last
A trial of lives, power, and destiny
Cannot destroy the pain of the past

Hiatus said
But never performed
I step off a tier of my life
The drop to infinity takes finite time
The black begun to cover my strife

My mind springs to images
A future has ended
Travels, travails following time
Slip the knot on a concrete destiny
Mine life was hers, her life o'er mine


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  • 13 years ago

    by August

    I wrote this poem a LONG time ago, so feel free to destroy it, i don't like it either. i don't like the person who voted 5.0 on it.