I'm glad, I'm a Christian.

by Seth Rowley   Nov 28, 2004

I love you lord, for always being there.
When no one else would lend a hand, you cared.
Now I'm a born again Christian, I'm here today to dedicate my life.
I know that with you by my side, that's the only way to make it through the strife.
I love you lord, if i need help i ask you, and you help me.
I want to sit with you oh lord in heaven and worship for eternity.
We have a relationship that is built on love and trust.
Even know some days i might slip up and bust.
I can count on you to forgive me, i will keep reading your word and doing your will.
People if you are depressed don't be afraid to talk to the lord he will heal.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Heather M Craig

    wow... i find it reallly wonderful that a young man like urself thinks so highly of the Lord...its wonderful and i believe your faith will take you far loves

  • 13 years ago

    by Sad_Little_Kitty_Kat

    hey seth me again stacy...im soo glad you found something to be proud of and well i hope you find some one too well keep it up.your friend stacy