Im That Faint Little Memory

by Hailey   Nov 28, 2004

I'm The Timid Little Girl
That You Don't Remember
You Once Knew Me
But I Disappeared Last November

I Suddenly Left School
Didn't Go Out Anymore
And When You Saw My House
There Was Always A Closed Door

You All Heard The Rumors
Even Though Most Weren't True
Most Were So Far From The Truth
Of What I Actually Went Through

Some Said I Got Pregnant
Thats Why I'm Never Seen
Others Said I Turned Really Weird
Into Some Depressed Kind Of Teen

Others Said I Got Locked Up
In A Nut house Of Some Sort
That I Tried To Slit My Wrists
But Then I Was Caught

Others Said I Had A Breakdown
And I Didn't Leave My Room
That I Stayed In Day After Day
In My Safe Little Tomb

No-one Ever Heard From Me
And I Never Left The House
I Became A Classified Mystery
Stayed As Quiet As A Mouse

Some People Who Knew Me
But Well Don't Anymore
They Say I Was Raped
Now I Fight An Inner War

Well They Were Right On That Part
Rape Was First On The List
Other Rumors Had There Truth
Its True I Slit My Wrist

Some People Started To See Me
Nearly After A Whole Year
I Wasn't Pregnant And Wasn't Dead
But The Truth Still Lived In Fear

I Was The Girl They Once Hugged
Ate Lunch With Everyday
Shared Answers On Maths Tests
And Even Wagged With For The Day

I'm The Girl They Partied With
I'm The Girl Some Boys Kissed
I'm That Happy Girl they Knew
And Now They Don't Even Miss

I'm The Girl They Whisper About
And Wonders Where She Is
I'm The Past Memory They Knew
And Still They Don't Miss

Their The Scars On My Wrists
The Memories In My Soul
The People Who Abandoned Me
And Left This Horrid Hole

Their The People I Try To Forget
The Boys And Every Kiss
And Their All But A Memory
That I Don't Even Miss

And I'm That Lost Little Girl
That Seems So Easy To Forget
And When You See My Face
You Dint Remember We Ever Met....


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Hailey

    Thanks Everyone..Umm Im Not Sure About The Last Few Theirs lol...Woops,,,Nah These People Hate What They Dont Understand Therefor They Hate Me But Thats Life..And Thanks Thundersrose ..There Are Many ppl on this site who believe in you as well as iv noticed...mwamwa

  • 14 years ago

    by Heather M Craig

    oh wow, i love this poem so much. wow. i hope u remember just b/c ppl seem to forget you or u dont think they still love u well in their heads i am sure there is another story muh dear. i am sure they miss u but dont know how to approach u. well great poem loves