Can't Believe You're Gone (True Story)

by Toni   Nov 28, 2004

Can’t Believe Your Gone

Walked past your flat today
The lights still weren’t on
Thought you might just be asleep
I can’t believe you’re gone

I looked at your drawn window
Staring into the dark
Trying to picture you’re figure
Sat watching the TV

This can’t be right, no
It must just be a dream
You can’t have gone and left me now
We were once a team

Any minute I’m going to awake
And see your loving face
Any day I’m going to see you
And feel you’re warm embrace

I didn’t believe them when they said
You won’t be coming back
My legs gave way as I fell to the floor
And suffered a panic attack

They told me how you died in there
On Monday afternoon
How your heart wasn’t strong enough
The operation was too soon

I don’t believe them, you can’t have gone
You can’t be up above
You were my hope, my only strength
I still feel your love

Therefore you must still be here
And I will see you again
I’ll come see you tomorrow first thing
In the pouring rain

I’ll bring a game for us to play
Just like, 2 weeks ago
I’ll stay there with you, by your side
And never let you go

I prayed for you, this can’t be true
You can’t have gone away
They keep planning your funeral
It’s a week today

Why, why are they doing this?
You can’t have died
It was only Saturday I held your hand
They must have lied

It was only Saturday that I sat there
In the hospital with you
I promised you that you would be fine
And Mum believed it too

It was only Saturday that I felt your touch
As I sat caring for you
I was planning to visit you the very next day
I don’t know what to do

I just can’t believe it, what they said
I know I’ll see you again
Please God someone help me here
Can’t cope with this pain

I miss you x


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Toni

    Thanku hun! xxx

  • 12 years ago

    by Oliver Stevenson

    sad poem hun, i know i can feel what you are feeling, but you will see that time will heal wounds, you will feel better xxx