My Life Fo Lease..Apply Up Above

by Hailey   Jan 2, 2005

A Broken Life For Lease
Availability Very Soon
Only Fifteen Years Old
Empty With Much Room

Past Tenant Very Quiet
A Hermit To The World
Would Best Suit Smoker
Preferably A Teenage Girl

The Broken Heart Was Fixed
Still Remains A Small Leak
A Perfect Fixer Upper
Its Very Big But Bleak

Isolated From The Real World
In A Place Reasonably Remote
Takes Many Dreams To Get There
You Cant Reach It By Car or Boat

Comes With Its Own Broken Wishes
A Huge Pools Of Crimson Tears
Contains Many Cuts And Bruises
Obtained Over Many Years

Massive Brick Built Wall
To Keep You Safe From Love
A One Way Easy Stairway
To A Happy Place Above

Applicants Suited Should Be Alone
With No-one That Actually Cares
Perfectly Suited To A Cutter
Who Has Things They Cant Share

Renovated Many A Times
Yet Still Broken Beyond Repair
Contains Walls Built So Very Strong
Suits A Person Who Wasn't Treated Fair

All Welcome To Apply
To This Life Without Hope Or Love
Just Place All Your Applications
In The Mailbox To Up Above....

You Wont Believe Where This Poem Came From LoL...At The Moment Were Looking At Moving Into A New House And Reading The Places For Lease/Rent Gave Me This Idea..What Would Be My Ad If I Rented My Life Out..This Would Be It..I Don't Think Id Get Any Applications Tho Oh And If Ur Looking At Applying..Pets Are Considered On Application LOL..Hope Ya All Like It..Comment or Vote Or Just Read


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  • 14 years ago

    by HeAvENLy UniQue

    YOU ARE ~*Talented* to come up with such a subject and idea.... blew me away to read it.. lol... you go girl! gotta give you props!


    Take Care! muahzzzzz