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~I've been writing poetry for a while now. Its my gateway to ease the pain, and let out emotions. I sadly stopped submitting my poems to this site because people were taking poems and trying to own things they never wrote. I'm pretty sure that about 80% of the poems in this site are written from the heart, and no1 should take that away. ~ I do still write poems, if you wanna read my writings, email me!! much love.
Poets I have read that I like a lot~ on this site~ *Check Them Out* >>~ ThundersRose, Gracie Jo, Meena, Mortalidaga, WiltingRose, Zyphrex, *Elizabeth*, ♥ ♥ Rohit ♥ ♥, Andrea, bob shank, Miss Mary, *l*Hailie*l*, Kumar, Geena, my m8-DOra! and of course the lovely «Samantha B.» !!!!
Bless all the rest of the poets on this site!! Hold on to this passion!!!!

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Latest Poems By HeAvENLy UniQue

  • I feel like letting loose and breaking down.
    Just letting this heart of mines fall to the...

  • This girl has forgotten what it is to love.
    Forgot what it means...

  • If anyone were to look pass the fake smiles,
    And see the truth through these green eyes...

  • Immense pains that I feel within, that cause me to...
    If only you seen the ways, I torture myself every...

  • This girl has forgotten what it is to love.
    Forgot what it means...

Latest Quotes By HeAvENLy UniQue

  • "You have to be their for the one you love through the thickest and thinnest of times."

    "Separation and loving, somehow fall in the same category."

    15 years ago
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  • "People fall in and out of love everyday"

    "The more the person you love backs away, the more you want to have them.."

    15 years ago
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  • " You can't run until you learn how to walk. "

    "Mistakes are the 2nd way of learning to get it right the next time."

    15 years ago
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