White Silk Dress

by sarah jenkins   Jan 5, 2005

That night Stephanie was wearing, her beautiful white silk dress,
The van that hit her car, put her in quite a mess,
Stephi's sister was behind her, driving upon the scene,
Maria saw her sisters lifeless body, and then began to scream,
A police man saw her coming, and in front of her he stepped,
She knew she had to call her parents, for away Stephi's life crept,
Maria was on the phone, yelling mommy my twin is going to die,
Her dad couldn't understand her, for maria had began to cry,
She sat on the cold pavement, and watched them take her away,
She knew that she was dead, but still she started to pray,
Dear god that is my sister, please bring her back for me,
Dear god that is my sister, why did her death i have to see?
Stephi's death was confirmed, she'd died so very young,
At only 17, from her life, dear Stephi was sprung,
It'd been two months since she had died, and all was settling down,
Yet still the sister Maria, everyday was wearing a frown,
The dress her sister died in, was removed and given back,
The white silk dress lay on her bed, in a clear plastic sack,
One day Maria snapped, and knew what she must do,
She wanted to die and forget, the things she had been through,
She went in Stephanie's room, and grabbed the white silk dress,
She got in her car and drove, to the cliff called mount Weariness,
She then wrote a note, which only stated this,
Ive lost everything i ever had, because death took my sis,
She then put on the dress, blood stains still on the side,
She put her hands over top, and them she tried to hide,
Maria took off running, and sprinted over the cliff,
5 minutes she was underwater,then her body became hard and stiff,
The cops had found the car, and looked all around,
Three weeks after she took her life, her body was then found,
It had drifted down the river, and tangled up a bit,
4 days later her body was buried, and there she now sits,
Maria's six feet under, laying in the cold dark ground,
While laying next to her sister, the both are sleeping sound.

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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by Stephanie Michelle

    Amazing poem.. Beautiful and tragic.. Very well written

  • 10 years ago

    by ourlilsecret

    That Was Like Amazing...
    Veryy Sad..
    Almost made me Cryy.. =[[
    Great Jobb... =]]
    Keep It Up..


  • 11 years ago

    by eternalxxpromise

    [shakes head to clear thoughts]

    this is so sad.....

  • 11 years ago

    by kaiLa

    Wow! its so nice yet so sad

    good job!!!

  • 11 years ago

    by jello

    This was really tragic...great story, i love how you told it.
    good job