Just Never Forget Me

by Hailey   Jan 7, 2005

For All The Lost Beginnings
To My Now Lonely Lost End
Iv made One More Plea To Heaven
Please Let My Pain Just mend

My Small But Lovely Messages
To The Angels Of My World
My Last Breathing Words
From A Broken Defeated Girl

Heres My Final Words To Mum
I'm Sorry I Wont Be Here Anymore
I'm Sorry I Played Music Way Too Loud
And Always Forgot Not To Slam The Door

I'm Sorry I Fought With My Brothers
And I Stressed You Out Way Too Much
I'm Sorry I Shed Tears On Your Shoulders
And Did Horrible Teenage Things And Such

I'm Sorry I'm Your One Little Girl
And You'll Lose Me Way To Soon
But Mostly I'm Sorry You Don't Know How Much
You Helped Me Fight My Doom

And Please Tell My Brothers
I Loved Them Like They Didn't Know
And Tell They Were The Biggest Reason
I Fought So very Long Not To Go

Please Tell The Eldest Corey
That I Was So Very Proud Of What he Achieved
Tell Him He Was The Biggest Inspiration
That In life Any Little Sister Could Receive

Oh And Don't Forgot Guy And Kieren
Tell Them They Were The Reason I Would Smile
They Gave Me Saviour And So Much Hope
And A Small Glimpse Of Happiness For I Walked My Mile

And When Connor Asks You Mummy
Why I'm Not Here Anymore
Tell Him I Have Beautiful Wings Now
To Help Me Fly And Sore

Tell Him He Brightened My Last Days
And Gave Me A Smile For My Trip
And Tell Them All more Than Anything
It Wasn't There Fault I Was Sick

And If You Ever See Mark Again
Tell Him I'm So Ever very Sorry
That I Thought I Could Heal
But I Didn't So please Don't Worry

Tell Him Iv Taken The Place
As His Guardian Angel From Above
Ill Make Sure His Dreams Are Granted
And For Always And Forever He'll Have MY Love

And Mummy Though You Hate Jeremy
Please Tell Him My Small Dying Wish
Tell Him I Wanted More Than Heaven
To Feel One Long Lasting Kiss

Tell Him That I'm Sorry
For All The Mistakes I Made
And Tell The Day I Died
My Broken Heart Still Didn't Fade

And Even Though Dad Didn't Know
How Much Pain I Felt Here
Tell Him I loved More Than Anything
And He Helped Me With My Fear

tell Him I'm His Little Princess
And I Forgave Him For What He Said
And Id Give Any One Moment In Life
To Have Him Once Again Tuck Me Into Bed

Tell All The People Who Attend
To Sprinkle My Ashes On The Ground
That I Was An Angel Without Wings
I Was Hurt With Pain And Bound

Tell The Minister To Pray For Me
So God Will Give My Mistake
I want God To Forgive My Suicide
For Mine And Your Sake

Place Pink Roses Near My Ashes
As I Float Out To The Sea
The One Place I Think Is Perfect
To Finally Set Me Eternally Free

Give My Writing To Jeremy
I Want Him To See My Broken World
I Want Him To See The Broken Truth
From This Self Harming little Girl

Please Keep My possessions
Don't Board Them Up Somewhere
I Know They'll Be Painful Memories
But I Want Them To Stay There

Please Read This Last Poem
As I Float Far out To See
And Please Tell Everyone I Love
To Please Just Never Forget Me...

This Is A Darker Piece And I Like It..I'm getting Back My Dark Shadowy Ways So I'm Able To Write Better Poems Now..Thanks Everyone Who kept Me Going With Their Writing Through My Writers Block..Mwa Mwa Comments And Votes R Always Appreciated..


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by christina

    wow hailey that was awsome i loved it take caree :D

  • 14 years ago

    by Hailey

    Thanx Abbbey..Ur Such A Nice Person..I Do Hope My Poems Make Others Wanna Write..And Thankyou For All ur Wishes..I Wish U The best As Well..And I Hope U Do Keep Reading My Poetry..Il be Sure To Check out Urs..Thanx Luv Hails

  • 14 years ago

    by Hailey

    Thanks Everyone..I Love Readin All this Comments..It Was Set Out In A Suicide Letter Format Kinda But I Think Thats What Makes It More Realastic..I Hope People Keep Checking Out My Poems..It Means Alot And Every Other Talented Wriiter..Keep Writting Everyone.>Mwa Mwa

  • 14 years ago

    by Josh

    This poem rules. I don't usually dig suicide ones much but this is very well written.

  • 14 years ago

    by Rachele

    thats a really sad poem well more like a suicide leter but all the same gr8 work keep ur chin up best wishes always
    luv rach