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PLEASE read and comment my poems its really appreciated PLEASE!lol n e way hi my names rach i love writing poetry and animals and ALL my friends you guys ROCK!! so yeh i get told im a funny person lol i dunno but yeh thats me ummm......did i mention read and comment my poems! :pPLEASE oh an i just want every1 2 kno all aussie's dont talk like steve irwin!!!

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  • Age : 13
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  • Country : Australia
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Latest Poems By Rachele

  • I miss my poppy so much I miss him more each day
    I wish cancer did not exist or his had gone away...

  • You promised you wouldn't
    remember that day...

  • Why must they cut
    it wont relieve pain...

  • Friends forever i know what you did
    Remarks were mad as which we rid...

  • Friends forever i know you care
    Otherwise would you still be there...

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  • It takes a brave man to pick a fight but an even braver man to walk away from one

    15 years ago
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  • A forced smile is as good as a frown:(

    15 years ago
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  • Death hits you like a fist in the dark. Unexpected

    15 years ago
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