This Time...

by Broken   Mar 22, 2005

Staring at the ceiling
Feeling myself descend
Falling to my own world
Somewhere I can pretend

My heaven on earth
Just you and me
Holding you close
This would make me happy

Just as quick as the dream came
Snatched from my grasp again
Forced to endure this once more
Slowly my emotion starts to drain

The tears come as a flood
I cannot stop them now
Waving goodbye to yesterday
Entering a world so foul

I asked, pleaded, begged
Don’t leave me alone
How am I to face this world
All on my own?

Wait… I’ve done it before
I made a mistake
But I will no more
You I will not stake

This time I’ll be ready
This time I’ll stay strong
This time I’ll prove myself
And I won’t do wrong

You’ll be gone a while
I know it’ll hurt
But after the pain is gone
I know we’ll revert


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  • 14 years ago

    by **Just Her**

    i enjoyed this poem, cuz i was expecting something sad, but instead u came out with a strong ending that just told this beautiful story. good job hun.
    check out some of my work if u'd like

  • 14 years ago

    by Andrea

    great poem!