I remember

by Jacki   Apr 1, 2005

Yesterday It stormed outside.
The gray clouds were bursting by.
The wind was blowing and the
leaves danced on the yard.
I sat outside smoking a cigarette
thinking of you. I knew it was your time.

Silver tears started falling,
something inside me died.
And thats when I realized I needed
to say my goodbyes.
But how do you say goodbye to somebody
that means so much to you.

Well this is what I did grandma, just for you.
I started writing down everything about you
everything little thing that put a smile on my face.

These are some of the things I wanted to share today
I thought I could keep your memories alive
So this is where I'll start...

Grandma I remember your soft and gentle hands,
Reaching out to dry my tears;
I remember warm and loving arms,
That chased away my fears.

You were someone that I could run to,
Who always made sure she was there;
An ear that would patiently listen,
Someone who always cared.

Grandma I remember
When you would sing a song
You would encourage
Us all to sing along,
And you would sit and rock
with me laying on my stomach
while your soft and gentle hands
Touched the skin of my back.

Grandma I remember you
Working in your garden
Pulling all the weeds,
Wiping sweat from your brow
And then gently planting seeds.

Grandma I remember all our
Days at Busy Bees
You would take me out for hot chocolate
it was our special day.

I remember the days at camp
when you would take me to the beach.
I remember you with grandpa,
when you would both bandage up my knees.

Grandma I remember
all pictures on your walls
a house full of memories
a story by itself.

Grandma I remember your cackle and your burps
I always was impressed by the way
rattled your bones.
I remember your dip holders
and how funny I thought they looked
but you always kept a smile on
even when you were feeling blue.

Grandma I remember the days I would
lay sick in school. They weren't always
because I was ill but I just couldn't
be away from you.

Grandma I remember you in your brighter days
when everything seemed perfect
and life was how it should be.

And yes grandma I can't forget
that you were ill, how god cursed you
with a disease that took your memories for you.

But grandma its OK because your memories
will live on.
They will always blossom and bloom when
ever your name is called.

And its in my fingers that write this today
that you live on inside me your lifeline
carved into my hands.

Grandpa was waiting for you,
I heard the train go by.
He was letting me know he was taking you home.
To everybody thats been waiting.
I know they've waiting for you grandma
I know they missed you too.

And it may be hard upon us all, but I know
your back to the grandma I remember
the grandma who remembered our names.

I know this won't be the last time I see you grandma
I know you'll come to me in my dreams;
I have faith in you grandma, you are my hero
my one true inspiration in life, even if your not here
to cradle me in your arms.
But one day you'll be waiting for all of us
with your big glorious smile, your arms will be open
you'll be calling out our names.

But in the meantime while I sit and wait
I have to know inside my heart your in better hands.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by HJ

    wonderful heartfelt poem...I loved your diction. Very thought provoking with much visonary passion. Sometimes its the hardest thing to write from personal memories more so in sadness but you tackled it beautifully.

    When you chance please check out my two latest poems 'Fallen' and 'Secret Love' would be interested in your opinion.

    Kind regards

  • 13 years ago

    by Andrea

    wonderful poem! you have written this so well filled with your personal emotion and feelings, amazing job!

  • 13 years ago

    by Jacklyn

    it started out kind of shaking but it got better as it went on. i don't mean it's a bad poem, i'm giving it a five. it's a really sweet poem, sorry if it's true

    ~PLP~ Lil slam~