Night answers Time

by pinkalias   Apr 1, 2005

What would it take to proclaim a lost source of heroic deeds to once again betroth his care to a helpless soul?

"nothing" whispers back from the hollow night. Cold, but trustful seeking pure word

"for an angel to forget his wings then turn back and pray for those to find them
shall never gain those precious feathers for flight to be whole yet again"

Alone, she knows its true. Though she had prayed the outcome differ from her fear of losing a once great soul.

Burying her head in her hands to weep, as if grieving a death of a profoundly loved creature too lovely to have fallen, she cries,

"Why are the most pained destined to walk a path alone when they have been handed a treasure to fulfill?"

Breaking to her knees, her tears wet the earth as she sinks into a heartbroken heap of sobs.

Shouting to the night she raises hands in air, cursing a fallen angel who could not hear her cry

"Was it just to tease a broken body to believe a life was saved through all these tragic happenings?

Was it merely to test my state of mind to shatter when my angel had proven a deadly poison to my hope?

Was faith a simple lie grown to a prospered weave of fatal shards to slice my thighs and bleed my trust?"

For a moment, silence was the only answer given from the velvet sky, existing of nothing but echoing cries and hidden stars

"No child, none of this destined to befall a delicate cherub such your inner self,

This savior was not meant to turn from his perch and unlock his arms from your shoulders to let you fall to stinging waters

Never was this splendor given right to abandon all suffrage and erase beings from mind in saving the memory would be same when he returned.

But, through this creature shall come a strength that you have never known through such anger after all sorrows have been expired

you shall be content to believe such things when you feel the power grow within your throat
and exceed all bleeding words into a magnificent core of anguish

Do not cry bleeding heart, for songs shall be born from pain and there shall they soar to relieve all ache of wounds"

The night had answered her screams with a knowledge she thought to be false stories, implanted to conceive an amount of assurance to heal her state of mentality.

She turned sullen to walk back to the broken thoughts and splintered keys that revealed dark intentions and disturbed images

She would go on to believe the pain would never cease until the day she bore a tiny ember of hope in words which spewed from her own lips,

"what would he do if he could see this? would he have walked out on me? but then I think .... why would it take showing him this to have him care?"

*note: I want you all to interpret this piece for yourselves, so I'll try not to give too much away, but I felt obligated to write in a few things.
First, this is a branch off of another piece, and there will be more to follow (I'll leave you all to guess which it belongs to)
And explanation to the last quote:
The reason why it is blunt and seems indirect to the rest of the poem is because it was actually stated by a friend of mine, and I wrote the entire piece based on it.
ok, leave you to the rest. Hope you enjoyed.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Ian Robert

    What a lovely peice.. The great qualitys of your always improving orginal work and alittle bit of of angelic purity.. Loved it 5/5

  • 13 years ago

    by katie!

    Well done, that was really elegantly and well put piece of writing, The flow of the poem was enjoyable and I enjoyed the meaning I put to it, I don't normally like long poems because generally they lose interest but this poem captivated me right up till the end, keep writing and take care

  • 13 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    I got the feeling I was reading shakespeare
    A very sopisticated piece of work I am speechless

  • 13 years ago

    by pinkalias

    Thanks for the book titles JH, I'll be sure to look at those and tell you what I think.
    And I look forward to your poetry, forgive me if I don't get to it right away though

  • 13 years ago

    by Eden

    I really like this poem. It means a lot for life not just for me, but I'm sure it means a lot to the rest of the people that read it too. Great piece. Maybe you could stop by my poems sometime and read some of mine. They're not as great as some of yours that I have read, but I'd like to get comments and stuff to see how I can upgrade my skills :) And once again, great poem:):)