Ashes To Truth

by Hailey   May 12, 2005

That Girl Is Broken Again
She Cries Another Lonely Night
The Spirit That Once Filled Her
Has Left Without So Much As A Fight

She cries Into Her Pillow
And Wonders Why Things Are This Way
"Why Cant I Live One Moment Happy"
And She Meets The Morning Of Another Day

She Pulls The Blanket Off
And Rubs Her Tear Shed Eyes
Says Goodmorning To All Her Family
Wondering If Last Night They Heard her Cries

She Kisses Her Mother Gently
And Says "I Love You Oh So Much"
Her Mothers Eyes Meet Hers Sharply
And Wonders Whats Wrong With Her Daughters Touch

She Hugs Her Little Brother
And Tells Him To Have A Wonderful Day
Then Tells Her Others Brothers Good morning
As Off To School They Float Away

She Steps Into The Shower
Doesn't Even Whisper A Word
And As That Morning Began So Simple
Her Cries Float To Heaven To Be Heard

The Blade Slashes Once
Then Twice,Three And Four
And As It Drops From Her Hand
Shes Dead Before It Reaches The Floor

Shes Found An Hour Later
The Ambulance And Police See The Bloody Shower Wall
A Hysterical Mother Sobbing So Loud
As The Ambulance Officer Makes The Late Death Call

They Take Her Away In A Yellow Bag
A Week Later A Service Is Held Near The Sea
Four Brothers Without A Sister Now
And A Mother Who Lost Her Sweet Little Baby

The Ex Boyfriend Walks In Late
And Stands Toward The Back
Everyone Wonders Where The Tears Are
What A Great Life He Has On Track

The Mother Stares Blankly At Him
The Brothers A More Fiercer Stare
Even If He Wasn't To Blame
He Still Didn't Belong There

Old Friends No-One Has Seen For Ages
Appear With Tear Filled Eyes
But The People Who Really Do Care
Know They Never Heard Her Cries

Her Daddy Stands Up The Front
With A Less Then Calm Composure
He Misses His Baby Girl Beyond Belief
This Pain He Has Knows No Closure

People Stand Up And Make Speeches
And The Mother Knows Its All So Very Fake
So When Its Her Time To Stand Up Strong
The Real Truth Is The Only Speech She'll Make

"You All Stand Her Today"
" And Pretend To Care About This Loss"
"Well My News For All You People"
"Is That You Added To This Painful Cost"

"Oh You Play The Thoughtful Ex Boyfriend"
As She Points To The Calm Boy Up The Back
"Well I Have Something So Simple For You"
"Tears And A Real Heart Is All You Lack"

"And All You Long Lost Friends"
"You Haven't Visited Her In Over A Year"
"Yous Let Her Deal With Rape And Suicide"
"And Now For Self Closure You All Shed A Tear"

Well I Know What She Would've Wanted
And I Know My baby Girl Well
I Shed Every Tear With her For So Long
I Kept Her Company In This Hell

She Knew Who Really Cared
And These People Aren't You
Her Family Loved Her Unconditionally
And All You people Shot Through

She Wouldn't Have Wanted Fake Speeches
About How Caring And Loving She Seemed
She Would've Wanted Her Pain Said Aloud
Maybe Put On Paper All The Monsters She Dreamed

She Wouldn't Have Wanted Her Nice Poetry Read
The Happy Ones Picked From A Dark Pile
She Would've Wanted Her Darkest Yet Truthful Pieces
Bunnies And Love hearts Wasn't My baby's Style

She Wouldn't Have Wanted Fakes Here
Because Fake And Pretend Is How She Had To Live
Thats The Last Thing She Ever Would've Wanted
But Then Again What She Wants Isn't what You People Give

So Theres Four Brothers Left Without Her
And A Dad Who Misses His Little Girl
And When You All Added In Taking My Baby
You Took A Families Whole Wide World

So When you drift to sleep tonight
and when i sprinkle her ashes in the sea
Think For A Moment What She Wanted
And How Wrong Was The Delivery

And The Truth Was Spoken That Day
A Week After She Floated Away
So Next Time You Know What Someone Wants
Think About What They Would Do Or Say....

Comment And Vote..This Was Like Random From Nowhere ..Well Enjoy


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  • 13 years ago

    by bri

    wow that was awsum i cant wait to read your next poem

  • 13 years ago

    by Sweetie702

    all i can say is i've been reading sad and depressing poetry and i have been crying my eyes out (yours is no exception). your an unbelievable writer, you piece is so true and so touching. it made me think twice about doing something. thanks so much and great work!
    hugs and lots of love,

  • 13 years ago

    by Chelsea Hopkins

    Wow<---that's all I have to say

  • 13 years ago

    by Nikki

    it was really good but sad 5/5

  • 13 years ago

    by Kimeko Lancaster