Grandma has alztimers

by Jacki   Oct 9, 2003

My mind is blank
i don't know what to say
my pen won't work
my fingers are to old to type

i don't remember yesterday
i won't remember tomorrow
today was just a passing day
a never ending battle.

I try to remember your name
my words get all jumbed
i'm going for a walk now
i'll see you at supper.

Why do always seem to come here
you just walk in my house
when ever you feel like it?
I don't know who you are.

Why do you make me suffer.
You steal my lighters, i know
those children come in and steal my change.

I'm just going for a walk today
i'll see you at supper.
whats your name again
i don't seem to remember.

i know you look familure
i just don't understand
why you call me grandma
honey, i'm sorry i don't grandma.
grandma is just not here.

i'm going for a walk now
i'll sneak out of my house.
i'm going for a walk now
i'll see you in a month.

I'm leaving for my trip today,
where are we going?
I don't seem to remember
I just like to forget.

Is it cold in here?
I think i'll put on my sweater.
I don't care if its 90,
it feels like its 30,
leave me alone and let me go on my walk today.

Stop following me
you asshole.
I don't know who you are.
Your making me mad
i'm going to call the cops if you don't stop following me.

Hey by the way did i mention
my name was bet....
whats your name i'm sure you told me i just forgot.

Goodnight darlings i'm going to sleep my back hurts.
see you in the morning.
Goodnight what ever your name is.
Tomorrow we can go for our walk.

If this poem seems to be written in a weird way, its supose to be like that, this is the words of my grandmother who has alztimers. And these are the words she speaks of.
You can not understand her,
her words just get jumbled.
She repeats herself,
she forgots,
her life is just slipping away.
and its sad because she doesn't remember us, she was once such a vibrant women, full of energy and love.
her mind is just slipping away and oh god how i miss our long talks :)

please feel free to commet maybe you to have a grandma with alztimers...Maybe you will understand...


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Steven Beesley

    This is such a distressing disease, the people inflicted are never aware and it really hurts the people so close to them to see them suffering and so little that we can do. Good piece.

    Warmest regards,


  • 14 years ago

    by Honey Kisses 18

    My grandmother didn't have altzimers but she did lose her marbles b/4 she died.. She still thought i was 7 and that my aunt and uncle split up.. not completely forgetful just not quite the same sorry a/b her...