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Hi my Name is Kayla.. I'm currently enrolled at VSU at Valdosta, Ga.. I have come a long way and am in libido when it comes to my emotions right now. Some days i am happy and some days i could fill oceans full of tears. My love broke up with me and i don't know what to do so .. I reckon i will take one step at a time and see where this journey in college will take me.

I have endured a lot of hardships, heartbreaks, and let downs, however b/c of the past and the near accomplishments of my own devising, i refuse to let anything or anyone get me that depressed again.. I hope that my poems or writings help you out in anyway.. if you need to talk hit me up and i'll be glad to be your shoulder to cry on anytime..

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  • Age : 18
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Latest Poems By Honey Kisses 18

  • I lay here and wish my eyes would close
    And yet the pain within no one knows...

  • The world around me withers and falls
    I see myself backed against the wall...

  • Teardrops of my soul hit the floor as i remember...
    These feelings i feel i thought were not misplaced...

  • These soul-less eyes of mine/
    Have seen so much hurt and pain...

  • Everytime you utter a single syllable
    You make me drink in your posion...

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  • Blood drips slowly onto the floor as the razor cuts my skin. Soon a dark pool of blood lays around me as i finally give up to the darkness.

    Take me, Creatures of Night, and never let go!

    15 years ago
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  • Do you see the pain
    Why is it suffering I gain
    Thoughts of you never leave my head
    As i steadily wish i was dead

    15 years ago
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  • I watch you live your life, While i'm here all alone, You have everything you want, While i just want to be gone.. You've taken my heart and won't give it back, and you just act like i don't exist so why should i?

    15 years ago
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