A girl and her book (Part 2)

by Paula   Jun 6, 2005

30 years later

I look back to her book
I begin to read from day one
As this girl spills out her feelings
This is how it all begun

She talks of all her friends
All the party's that they had
She seemed so happy and cheerful
She was never sad

But oh wait, look here
I see blood stains on this page
I see where tears had fallen
I see some pain started to engage

I read on down the page
Only to find out
Her friend was diagnosed with cancer
She would die without a doubt

The pain started building
And she slowly started dieing
her boyfriend moved away
But she continued on lieing

Her friends figured out
What was going on
They saw all the scars
The new something had gone wrong

They confronted her about it
Only to get in a fight
She said there was nothing wrong
That Everything was alright

They told her to get help
She told them she didn't need there advice
They slowly broke apart
They weren't getting nice

I flip threw the pages
I keep on reading threw
Learning all these things
Of the girl I never knew

She writes about the fights
she had with her mom
All the times she had to cry
Just to keep calm

She says how much
She misses her dad
He left when she was 12
She missed all the fun times that they had

She writes about school
How things are getting worse
She was failing all her classes
And she got sent to see the nurse

someone spotted the cuts
She had along her arm
She said it was her cat
It really wasn't any harm

She had a pictures drawn out
Of her slits on her wrists
There was a label under all of them
It was sorta like a list

There was a description
Of what her cause was
To do this to her body
But then one said "Just because"

Then there was one
It really caught my eye
"This is cause of my sister"
This one made me cry

This really made me wonder
Where were I all those years
Thinking this was my sister
Brought my eyes to tears

While this was going on
I was out probably getting high
I never knew anything about her
And I never cared when she would cry

I never let her talk to me
And now it hurts so bad
What if I was there for her
If I would of went to her grad

She told me all she wanted
Was me to go that one night
To see her graduate grade 8
But I had to put up a fight

I slowly close this book
and put it back on the shelf
I should of thought of her
Instead of so much about myself

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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Mary

    Great poem so sad. I almost started to cry. I loved the first one as well as this one. Good Job. keep it up :)

  • 10 years ago

    by Jessica

    I cried when i read the first one. and i was close to tears reading this one. it is really good. keep writing.

  • 11 years ago

    by Niinaa


  • 11 years ago

    by Lorryn

    This is such a beautiful poem...but i cant help but think your alluding to yourself in this poem...

  • 11 years ago

    by Forever Broken

    Omg i was looking through your poems but this one caught my eye i read your first one and this was simply amazing. your poetry is remarkable. you should consider writing books if you havent already 5/5 keep writing