These Headlights

by JustAFoolInLove   Jul 8, 2005

It was another one of those nights
After another one of our fights
One disappointment after another,
Shunned by my father and my mother

Crying on the bathroom floor
My back propped against the door
Wishing all the hurt would end
Praying it was all pretend

Waiting for them to fall asleep
So I could sneak without a peep
Out the windows and out of here
Finally living without a fear

Walk down the driveway and down the street
Moving slowly on my feet
Contemplating what to do
And how to get in touch with you

Deep in thought, tears in my eyes
Silently saying my goodbyes
Doubting if I will return
No longer am I your concern

Turn the corner of the block
Glance at my watch, it’s twelve o’ clock
It’s late at night; I’m all alone,
My destination still unknown

I look up and down the avenue;
Cars tonight are all too few
I walk an hour, maybe two
Until a car comes into view

Tires screeching, headlights bright
The car accelerates into the night
I try to move, a quick decision
And pray that I’ll avoid collision

I wake up bleeding and out of breath
And know I face impending death
I open my eyes and all I see
Is broken glass all over me

I call your name and hope you hear
The night’s length stretches past a year
I feel my breathing going thin
And try to find some strength within

If only I’d stayed home tonight
I wouldn’t be drifting towards the light
These three words are overdue
But all I’m thinking is “I love you”…


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  • 12 years ago

    by Just Sierra

    ....I've given this a lot of thought and I officially declare this my all time favorite poem on the universe.

    Yes, the universe. Feel proud, Zac. If I were you, I'd be gloating right now. So gloat. You're my favorite poet, dangit, and this is my favorite poem!

  • 13 years ago

    by Anna

    what a beautiful beautiful poem, you should be proud.
    I saw your comment on Xkt ShellyXs poem and thought I'd check out some of your stuff and I'm impressed
    I can totally relate to the feeling of wanting someone to know you love them if you were dying, if that makes sense
    anyways, check out some of my stuff if you like

  • 13 years ago

    by **Just Her**

    Beautiful poem,.. Every stanza flowed so well and I loved the rhyme scheme. You are so talented and such a cutie cuz all your poems manage to do with someone you love.
    take care:)
    be talking to you soon:D

  • 13 years ago

    by Absinth Eyes

    nicely done, you're good at this : )
    read some of my stuff if you get bored...
    Luv Niki

  • 13 years ago

    by jessica

    that was the best poem i have ever heared in my life awsome job and keep up the good work.