Not too deep (part 1)

by *Emmy*   Aug 6, 2005

Two whole hearts soon to be broken
Their secret love went unspoken
They knew that they were meant for each other,
But he thought he loved another.

Each night they would talk on the phone,
But one night he wasn’t home,
She waited by the phone for him to call,
She just sat there leaning against the wall.

He never called, she had been waiting to long,
She finally called and asked why he was always gone.
He told her he had found the love of another,
It was over he shouted, he hung up as she stuttered

Sitting there; her heart ripped from her chest
Shattered to pieces; its beat no longer blessed
She lost all hope when he stopped calling
Lost and confused her spirit started falling

One moment so happy, the next so sad,
She had no idea what to do she felt so bad.
Falling forever as her world becomes so dark
She knew what to do with the blade from the start

At first she tried just to ease the pain, not too deep,
never enough to die.
But when thing began to get worse, she knew she
couldn’t lie,
She knew she could only last so long,
And she knew what she was doing surely wasn’t wrong.

She was so alone, she felt so frightened,
She was just waiting for her life to enlighten.
But after months after the ending,
She knew there couldn’t be any mending.

She went into the bathroom and took out some pills,
She opened the lid, and let them spill,
One by one, they went down her thought,
She put out the letters that she had wrote.

She went into her bedroom, locking the door
But before she could take the knife she fell on the floor,
Her head hung low as she reached for the knife
The power she felt, taking away all sorrow and strife

The blade on her wrist the first cut was made.
It was the beginning of the end; she couldn\'t be saved
Blood flowing over her wrist, and on to the floor.
Her Parents worried, knocked on the locked door

She couldn’t see a thing, her eyes were blurred,
She tried to speak but she couldn’t say a word.
As she was lying there, her whole life flashed threw her head,
She was waiting to wake up, and be in her own bed.

But she didn\'t awake in her soft cozy bed
But ended up laying in the hospital dead,
Every one was so sad that she was gone,
And they carefully placed her under their lawn

She never awoke, and slowly turned cold
She was too young to die only 15 years old
It\'s funny how ones life can lie on a thin thread
You cut the wrong one and you end up dead


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  • 12 years ago

    by SaMmE!

    Aww i love this poem emz! its awesome and u have alot of talent in ur writing, u should write alot more

  • 12 years ago

    by Ben jammin

    Thats wierd, its makes sense..... trippy lol

  • 13 years ago

    by *crimson~kittie*

    thats a really great poem,i really enjoyed reading it.

  • 13 years ago

    by Unpridictable Woman

    that was so sad im literally crying here 5/5 good job

  • 13 years ago

    by mz BrokenHearted B i t c h

    i loved ur poem it was really good i enjoyed it