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im emily. most of my poems are from experiance.. and i usualy just wright about how im feeling. I guess some people say that there good idk if you will think the same thing. so read and comment and tell me wat you think.

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  • You promised me that it would be different this...
    You told me you were sorry for the other times you...

  • Running away from her painful past,
    She's going to get out of this world at last...

  • As she sits alone,
    The only place she knows as home...

  • "Love is nothing but a bunch of heart...
    It's over and shes torn, looking back she can only...

  • Things started out just fine,
    But as we became closer I couldn't deny...

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  • When i have a option on the computer to either copy or cut, I press cut..

    15 years ago
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  • "my boobs are getting so big! there never gonna stop growing! there gonna take over the world someday.."
    ~Crystal Chase~

    16 years ago
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  • *two girls walk in*
    Chineese man that works there: You want chineese to go?
    Girls: mmhm
    CHinees man: OK i'm chineese, you take me

    16 years ago
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