The young girl and the teacher

by AnorexicDream   Aug 17, 2005

*i know that its really long but please read it all i really like it its one of my favorites by me and if you read it all please note me and tell me what you think.


i had this friend
who would cut
over and over again

she would slice herself
cut herself so deep
she was always yelling for help

when she tried to scream
it was as if no one could hear her
at least thats how it seem

she wore long sleeves all the time
and she was the one
always left behind

she would sit in the corner all alone
just hoping the day would last
so she wouldn't have to go home

when school finally ended she walked away
she walked slowly
keeping all her thoughts away

she remember all the things the kids had said
and remembered about how last night
her daddy tried to make her dead

but about that not a word did she speak
because the last thing she needed
was for them to thing of her even more of a freak

she kept her mouth shut that night
as daddy got the belt
and filled her with fright

he pushed herself on the bed
raped her and then
to the wall he slammed her head

she went to school and could barely walk
when the teacher asked her what happened
she didn't dare talk

the teacher pulled her aside
and asked her please show me
all the bruises that i know you hide

the young girl pulled up her sleeves
revealing some of the bruises but also
some of the cuts that bring her ease

the teacher looked on with tears in her eye
and then the young girl looked up at her
and said "daddy wants me to die"

the teacher looked on in fright
as she heard the story
of this young girls constant fight

the teacher asked to met her daddy
and the young girl asked why
and she said I'm sorry i wasn't suppose to let you see

the young girl ran away
and the teacher tried to go after her but couldn't
and then came the next day

the young girl didn't come to school that day
the teacher couldn't focus
all her thoughts were astray

after work she went to the young girls home
and she found the young girl
sitting there bleeding all alone

the girl had fresh cuts on her arm
she had a bone coming from her leg
she knew it was her father that gave her such harm

the teacher rushed her to the hospital you see
hoping they could help her
then called the cops trying to set her free

but the cops didn't believe her story
they said it was just attention seeking
that the girl didn't need to be free

the girl needed to be saved more and more each day
she came to school with more bruises and cuts
the teacher wanted to help in some way

they came up with a plan with a video tape you see
they were gonna video tape what happened
and use that as evidence against him so she could be free

the video tape worked he was locked away
and now you see
with the teacher she will stay

then one day he broke out
he found the girl
and he started to shout

he pulled out a gun aimed it a the girl
and he quickly ended
what had been the teachers world

the young girls lifeless body lay on the floor
the teacher didn't have a reason
to live anymore

so she took the gun aimed at his head
shot him twice
then made it so she was dead

so you see believe what some say
because you never know
how it will affect you some day


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by kaiLa

    Wow! haha! read it again.. lol

  • 11 years ago

    by kaiLa

    Wow!!! it was a really good poem.. i meant great! it had a good flow.. and i do i agree with what u said that (authorities) had to listen and not just brush off people's (especially kid's) complain thinking its just for attention... cos it might end up being true and too late for them to do anything....

    again,, amazing job i gave it a 5/5...

    (wish i was this good)


  • 12 years ago

    by pain is me

    That was amazing...true story?? you dont have to tell me...

  • 12 years ago

    by "outsider"

    WOW you are a great write I have been reading most of your poems and I love them their so true specially this one!

  • 12 years ago

    by Kate

    Omg! this is probably one of the best poems i've ever read, and probably one of the most horribly true! it gave me shivers as i read it, and i almost cried. you are a very talented writer, keep up the good work. be the voice of truth!