Depression (What i felt like)

by HeavenzEyez   Sep 3, 2005

Why wont it go away
The guilt, The anger
That's come to me today
All these fears
Ripping up my heart
Filling my eyes with tears
I try to wipe them, But they wont part
There plunging out of my eyes
I'm telling people I'm fine
I'm telling so many lies
The fears are still here, still mine
Every things so wrong
I'm still trapped in this cage
Whey's it taking so long
For me to figure out this rage
I cant see light
At the end of this place
I'm forgetting to fight
Darkness is staring me in the face
I feel I'm going to burst
I just want to scream
Help me get rid of this thirst
When i woke up from my dream
i saw this was real
I saw what i didn't want to see
I'm not sure what i feel
But it shouldn't be in me
I can seem to let it out
Cant seem to tell anyone
All i want to do is shout
But i cant, this darkness has won
My heads spinning
From all the burning
I'm hiding
From all the turning
I'm going out of my mind
Cant see any future
Am i going blind?
Cant seem to see
Anything that happened before
Whats happening to me
I cant take anymore
There's no meaning to any of this
I'm starting to miss
All the happiness i had
It took from me for nothing
And its so bad
Once i had something
For any of this, i cant find a reason
Is there an end to this temper,
is there an end to this season
Of pure anger
Even when it all goes
i know i wont be able to grow
Without the memories
Without the scars to show


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  • 13 years ago

    by TeArS R FaLLiNg

    Hey i can totally relate to this i hope you are okay xxx