Bring back the music

by HeavenzEyez   Sep 3, 2005

Bring aback the music that makes me free
make us dance again
Bring back my ordinary day which has not beens seen before
Times changed to much for me

I need to bring the music back
People don't seem to realize
There living to many lies
There's to much they all lack
there dull, there black

bring back the music
before i scream
Why'd you take it away, its my kick
Its more then just a dream
Its more to me then anything you can think
It means so much to me
Without it I'd sink

Into nothing


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  • 13 years ago

    by Lenny

    Its a little ummmmmm well its a little empty? I dont know it feels like its missing something, and the rhyme kind of controls it rather than the theme and message,
    I like it still :)